Index List of Council-Mayor-Clerk Members – 1859-2013 – Lansing, Michigan

This alphabetical index list is to the Council-Mayor-Clerk History spreadsheet that I put together last month. Printout Scans of the five pages are after this list.
Compiled by Timothy Bowman for the Historical Society of Greater Lansing in October 2013.
Abbreviations: Co = Alderman / Councilman or Councilwoman., M = Mayor, Cl = City Clerk.
(* ) = means the two or more people with the same last name, may or may not be the same person.

Abfalter, Peter J. (Co-1891-1892)
Adado Jr., Lou (Co-1998-2002)
Adado Sr., Louis F. (Co-1967-1970, 1976-1990)
Adams, Andrew C. (Co-1868-1869)
Adams, John C. (Co-1878-1879)
Allen, Abram (Co-1881-1882)
Allen, Sandy (Co-1994-2009)
Alsdorf, Cyrus (Co-1892-1893)
Alsdorf, Fred (Co-1886-1887)
Anas, John T. (Co-1965-1975)
Angell, Eugene (Co-1880-1881)
Armstrong, George A. (Cl-1859-1860)
Arney, Royce R. (Co-1934-1936)
Avery, Elmer S. (Co-1920-1924)
Bailey, Floyd C. (Co-1946-1948)
Baird, James J. (Co-1884-1891, 1894-1895)
Baker, Bert J. (Co-1912-1915)
Baker, Horatio A. (Co-1861-1864)
Baker, Richard J. (Co-1976-1979)
Barker, Joseph W. (Co-1873-1874)
Barnes, Orlando F. (M-1882-1883)
Barnes, Orlando M. (M-1877)
Barringer, Daniel (Co-1883-1886)
Bartholomew, Ira H. (M-1863-1865)
Baryames, Chris Art (Co-1961-1964)
Bassett, Edson (Co-1937-1944)
Bates, John A. (Co-1944-1947)
Bauer, Joan (Co-1996-2006)
Baumann, Rita (Co-1982-1989)
Bayles, Marion W. (Co-1952-1954)
Beal, Ellen M. (Co-1992-2000)
Becker, Abram J. (Co-1953-1956)
Beecher, Spencer H. (Co-1871-1872)
Belen, Lucile E. (Co-1956-1993)
Bell, John F. (Co-1917-1918)
Bement, Arthur O. (M-1892-1893)
Bement, G. Willis (Co-1895-1898)
Benavides, Tony (Co-1982-2003, M-2003-2005)
Bennett, Frank C. (Co-1889-1894)
Bennett, John S. (Co-1889-1894, M-1908-1911)
Bernero, Virg (M-2006-2013)
Bird, Edward F. (Co-1868-1869)
Black, Mary O. (Co-1959-1960)
Blair, Alexander (Co-1871-1872)
Blair, James D. (Co-1974-1989, Cl-1990-1992)
Bohnet, John H. (Cl-1897-1898)
Bovee, Frank N. (Co-1917-1918)
Bowerman Jr., Willard I. (Co-1950-1953, M-1961-1964)
Bradshaw, Horace J. (Co-1953-1966)
Brenke, William A. (Co-1969-1981)
Briggs, Aurestes A. (Co-1900-1901, 1905-1906)
Britten, William T. (Co-1903-1906, 1918-1921)
Broas, Charles (Co-1888-1889)
Brockwell, Robert (Co-1991-1995)
Brooks, Robert S. (Co-1953-1962)
Brown, Lee H. (Co-1908-1919)
Brown, Millie (Cl-1950-1964)
Brown, Samuel (Co-1944-1951)
Brown, V. J. (Co-1917-1918)
Buck, Daniel W. (Co-1862-63, M-1874-1875, 1886)
Buhl, David V. (Co-1963-1966)
Burgess, Charles H. (Co-1919-1921)
Busch, Herman T. (Co-1934-1937)
Bush, John J. (Co-1890-1891)
Bush, John N. (Co-1860)
Burr, Allen R. (Co-1859-1862)
Cady, Claude E. (Co-1910-1913)
Cady, Curtis T. (Co-1867-1868, 1893-1894)
Cady, Wilfred E. (Co-1893-1894)
Cameron, Basil C. (Co-1901-1904)
Camp, Oscar F. (Co-1879)
Campbell, Arthur W. (Co-1948-1949)
Campbell, E. Guy (Co-1931-1938)
Campbell, Harold H. (Co-1930-1933)
Canady, Mark H. (Co-1991-1995)
Carpenter, Myron B. (Co-1876-1879, 1882-1883)
Carr, John A. (Co-1874, 1876-1877, 1884-1885)
Carrier, Merton R. (Co-1895-1898)
Case, Daniel L. (Co-1870)
Chapman, Elmer (Co-1921-1925)
Chapman, John H. (Co-1921-1922)
Chapman, William H. (M-1861-1862)
Charlesworth, Thomas J. (Co-1878-1879)
Christie, Robert J. (Co-1925-1926)
Christopher, Frank J. (Co-1909-1913, 1915-1916, 1927-1928)
Clark, Clarence E. (Co-1934-1937)
Coin, Leo (Co-1951)
Coller, Earl W. (Co-1941-1952)
Collins, David (Co-1914)
Corbett, Fred W. (Co-1928-1929)
Cowles, Albert E. (Cl-1864-1866)
Cowles, Charles D. (Cl-1879-1881)
Cowles, Frederick M. (Co-1861-1862, 1875-1876)
Cranmer, Arthur E. (Co-1943-1947)
Crawford, James A. (Co-1990-1992, M-1993)
Creamer, Charles (Co-1982-1989)
Crego, Ralph W. (Co-1936-1943, M-1944-1960)
Crotty, John F. (M-1888, Co-1901-1902)
Daniels, Smith (Co-1875-1878)
Darling, Albert M. (Co-1893-1894, 1906-1907)
Dart, Eben W. (Co-1867-1873)
Dart, James R. (Co-1871-1872)
Dart, Rollin C. (Co-1864-1865)
Davis, Charles J. (M-1897-1899)
Davis, Eli H. (Co-1867-1871)
Davis, George L. (Co-1895-1898)
Dean, Glen E. (Co-1952-1956, 1963-1966)
DeCamp, Albert (Co-1922-1926)
Decke, George E. (Co-1912-1916)
Dell, Ernest G. (Cl-1903)
Dell, Rina M. (Co-1937-1952)
DeMerell, Gerald N. (Co-1900-1901)
Dodge, Frank L. (Co-1892-1903)
Dodge, William H. (Co-1884-1885)
Donavan, William (M-1884-1885)
Dougan, Steve (Cl-2001)
Doughty, Alfred H. (Co-1919-1920, M-1923-1926)
Driggs, Lucian J. (Co-1903-1906)
Dunbar, Kathie (Co-2006-2013)
Dunham, Paul E. (Co-1895-1896)
Dunham, E. Clare (Co-1930-1931)
Dymond, Alpha E. (Co-1920-1924)
Eddy, George R. (Co-1917-1920)
Eddy, Hubert M. (Co-1943-1948, 1951-1952)
Edmonds, John W. (Co-1864-1866)
Edson, Sidney (Co-1883-1888)
Edwards, Daniel E. (Co-1875-1879, 1884-1886)
Eicher, Arthur (Co-1893-1894)
Elder, Matthew (Co-1859-1860)
Englehart, Tony (Co-1897-1902)
Ferguson, Augustus F. (Co-1902-1907)
Ferguson, Joel I. (Co-1967-1975)
Ferguson, Robert E. (Co-1917-1918)
Ferle, Jacob W. (Co-1914-1917, M-1918-1919, 1922)
Fink, Henry E. (Co-1945-1947)
Fitzpatrick, James (Co-1890-1891)
Foote, Bert M. (Co-1949-1950)
Ford, Charles (Co-1990-1993)
Foster, L. Shepard (Co-1891-1892)
Foster, Seymour (M-1873-1874)
Foster, Theodore (Cl-1861)
Fowler, Homer S. (Co-1919-1925)
Frary, Orrin P. (Co-1874-1875)
Frazel, Jacob (Co-1883-1884)
French, John C. (Co-1898-1899)
Fuller, Dorman K. (Co-1871-1872, 1879-1882, 1885-1888)
Fulton, Theo (Cl-1965-1981)
Gansley, Jacob (Co-1907, 1908)
Gilkey, Edward A. (Co-1895-1896)
Gillam, Daniel J. (Co-1904-1905)
Glaister, Robert (Co-1886)
Gleason, Joseph W. (Co-1933)
Graham, Marshall S. (Co-1925-1929, 1939-1952)
Graves, Gerald W. (M-1969-1981)
Gray, Myles F. (Cl-1904-1908)
Gray, Peter F. (Cl-1909-1913, M-1931-1932)
Gross, George W. (Co-1919-1920)
Grove, George K. (Co-1862-1863)
Gunther, Jack D. (Co-1969-1981)
Hagameir, J. George (Co-1927-1930)
Hamilton, James A. (Co-1900-1903)
Hammell, James F. (Co-1896-1899, M-1900-1903)
Harper, Martin A. (Co-1929-1934)
Harris, Charles S. (Co-1893-1894)
Harris, John S. (Co-1876-1877)
Hart, Alvin N. (Co-1863-1874)
Hart, Arthur N. (Co-1875-1879, 1887-1890)
Haughawout, Curtis E. (Co-1882-1883)
Hauser, Walter H. (Co-1954-1956)
Hawes, William C. (Co-1879-1880)
Hayden, Charles G. (Co-1948-1953)
Haze, William H. (Co-1859, M-1866)
Hedges, Hiram C. (Co-1899-1900)
Heeb, Edward L. (Co-1921-1922)
Heise, August H. (Co-1912-1913)
Heller, Daniel W. (Co-1917)
Heller, Lawrence E. (Co-1956-1960)
Helms, Eno M. (Co-1948-1951)
Hewitt, Eric (Co-2008-2011)
Hewitt, Cyrus (M-1868-1869)
Hernley, Stacy (Cl-1888)
Hervey, Charles E. (Co-1910-1911)
Hillard, James E. (Co-1899-1900)
Hinchey, James W. (Co-1878-1881, 1883-1884, 1886-1889)
Hinman, William C. (Cl-1889-1894)
Hollister, David C. (M-1994-2003)
Horan, George (Co-1898-1909)
Houghton, Tina (Co-2010-2013)
Howe, Frank M. (Cl-1875-1876)
Howe, Osmond C. (Co-1918-1926)
Hudson, Martin (Co-1874)
Hughes, Sam Street (M-1941-1944)
Hull, Joseph B. (Co-1867-1871)
Hull, Robert (Co-1976-1979)
Hungerford, Harold W. (Co-1940-1947)
Hurd, Daniel C. (Co-1881-1882)
Jeffries, Brian (Co-2003-2013)
Jenison, Orien (Co-1900-1903)
Johns, James (Co-1863-1864, 1873-1874)
Johnson, Frank B. (Co-1885-1888, M-1890-1891)
Jones, Howard (Co-1994-1997)
Jones, Nelson B. (Co-1863, 1866-1867, 1872-1873, 1877-1878)
Kaltenbach, Tim (Co-2006-2009)
Kern, Rudolph (Co-1869-1870)
Kerr, John A. (Co-1859, M-1860)
Kircher, Fred L. (Co-1923-1933, 1936-1939, 1948-1961)
Klock, Egie D. (Co-1920-1928)
Klock, Robert M. (Co-1954-1956)
Klockseim, Henry C. (Co-1885-1886, 1889-1890)
Kowalski, Zigmund (Co-1954-1956)
Kyes, Benjamin A. (Co-1914-1917, M-1920-1921)
Lapham, George G. (Cl-1867-1868)
Lapham, Horace (Co-1879-1882)
Larabee, Roswell H. (Co-1929-1934)
Larkin, Chas. J. (Co-1938-1941)
Larned, Horatio H. (Co-1874-1875)
Larner, Thomas A. (Co-1935-1936)
Lavey, Joseph F. (Co-1953-1956)
LeClear, Ralph L. (Co-1941-1942)
Leeman Jr., Harold J. (Co-1996-2007)
Leonard Sr., Arthur H. (Co.-1917-1920, 1923-1924)
Lesher, Charles P. (Co-1887-1890)
Letherman, Glen E. (Co-1942-1953)
Lilly, Rick (Co-1993-1997)
Lindemann, Pat (Co-1980-1991)
Loomis, Charles S. (Cl-1895-1896)
Loomis, Rudolph (Co-1901-1908)
Lucasse, Edward (Co-1949-1952)
Lyons, Hugh (M-1904-1907)
Main, Silas S. (Co-1920-1923, M-1922-1923)
Martin, William (Co-1884-1885)
Matt, William P. (Co-2007)
May, Roger T. (Co-1967-1975)
McClellan, John (Cl-1914-1916, Co-1919-1920)
McComb, William L. (Co-1922-1933)
McCullough, J. Charles (Cl-1901-1902)
McKale, William H. (Co-1902-1903)*
McKale, William (Co-1913-1914)*
McKale, William H. (Co-1921-1931)*
McKane, Terry John (Co-1971-1981, M-1982-1992)
McKenzie, Dougal (Cl-1869-1870)
McKinley, John (Co-1876-1877)
McKinley, Oscar L. (Co-1907-1918)
Mead, James I. (Co-1859-1863)*
Mead, James I. (Co-1882-1883)*
Metlin, James A. (Co-1875-1876)
Meyer, Larry (Co-1998-2005)
Milks, Malcolm (Co-1932-1933)*
Milks, Malcolm L. (Co-1961-1964)*
Miller, Sylvester M. (Co-1879-1880)
Miner, Debbie (Cl-2002-2005)
Mishler, Cassius C. (Cl-1899-1900)
Moore, Harold A. (Co-1955-1956, 1965-1973)
Moores, J. Henry (Co-1880-1881)
Munyon, Walter H. (Co-1948-1953)
Murninghan, Max E. (Co-1955-1960, M-1965-1968)
Murphy, Michael (Co-1998-2000)
Mutz, John A. (Co-1929-1934)
Neller, Louis (Co-1916-1919)
Newbro, Solomon D. (Co-1859, 1861-1862)
Newsom, Clyde H. (Co-1917-1919)
Nicholoff, Kris (Co-2001)
Niles, Lynn C. (Co-1940-1943)
Nottingham, David M. (Co-1889-1890)
Novak, Paul (Co-1994-1997)
O’Connor, William (Co-1892-1893)
Olds, Carmi C. (Co-1886-1887)
Ostrander, Russell C. (M-1896)
Padgett, Lyle K. (Co-1945)
Page, John T. (Co-1872-1873)
Parker, Homer D. (Co-1908-1913)
Parsons, Judson A. (Cl-1917-1922)
Pease, Frank E. (Co-1934-1940)
Peck, George W. (M-1867)
Peck, Stanley G. (Co-1953-1955, 1957-1962)
Perrin, Frank W. (Co-1954-1955, 1961-1968)
Phelps, George W. (Co-1897-1900)
Phillips, Arthur H. (Co-1921-1931, 1934-1935)
Piatt, Arnold A. (Co-1883-1884)
Pinckney, William H. (Co-1859-1861)
Platt, Isaac E. (Co-1891-1892)
Porter, William H. (Co-1892-1895, 1898-1899, 1906-1907)
Potter, Alvin S. (Co-1925-1928)*
Potter, Alvin S. (Co-1955-1959)*
Potter, Laurens B. (Co-1874-1875)
Potter, S. Donald (Co-1963-1964)
Potter, Theodore (Co-1896-1897)
Poxson, Christiane (Co-1954-1956)
Pratt, George H. (Co-1904-1907)
Preuss, Frank A. (Co-1954, 1961-1962)
Price, Lawrence (Co-1901-1904)
Pugh, Hananiah D. (Co-1868-1870)
Quinney, Derrick (Co-2007-2013)
Radford, Fred L. (Co-1934-1940)
Ramsdell, Jonathan G. (Cl-1859)
Ramsey, Edwin B. (Co-1907-1914)
Raudabaugh, Richard (Co-1907-1910)
Ray, Bertha (Cl-1923-1949)
Reck, Charles W. (Co-1911-1916)*
Reck Sr., Charles W. (Co-1932-1939)*
Redfern, Frank W. (Co-1919-1920)
Reed, J. K. (Co-1932-1933)*
Reed, J. Kerr (Co-1948-1952)*
Reutter, J. Gottlieb (Co-1904-1909, M-1912-1917)
Rice, Ashley B. (Co-1932-1933)
Rice, Josiah M. (Co-1883-1884)
Robinson, A’Lynne Boles (Co-2008-2013)
Robson, John (M-1871, 1881, Co-1873-1876)
Rodriguez, Nino (Co-2002)
Roe, Nathaniel J. (Co-1888-1889)
Rogers, Clarence E. (Co-1930-1935)
Rouse, John F. (Cl-1877-1878, 1882-1886)
Rowe, Samuel H. (Co-1879-1880)
Rowley, Geo. H. (Co-1925-1926)
Rulison, John G. (Co-1914-1917)
Russell, John H. (Co-1939-1952)
Rutter, Hazen C. (Co-1935-1938)
Sabin, Walter D. (Co-1887)
Sanders, Lewellyn E. (Co-1919-1920)
Schafer, Isaac D. (Co-1915-1918)
Schmidt, Alfreda (Co-1982-1993)
Schneeberger, Howard H. (Co-1939-1940)
Schneider, John C. (Co-1894-1897)
Schultz, Jacob F. (Co-1885-1886, M-1887)
Schroh, J. F. (Co-1895-1896)*
Schroh, John F. (Co-1926-27)*
Scofield, Sylvester G. (Co-1871-1872)
Shall, John D. (Co-1882-1883)
Shank, Robert B. (Co-1887-1888)
Shank, Robert J. (Co-1880-1881)
Shank, Rush J. (Co-1898-1903)
Shaw, Floyd E. (Co-1933-1939)
Shepard, Charles H. (Co-1871)
Shields, Thomas J. (Co-1918)
Sidwell, George R. (C0-1954-1955)
Siebert, Henry H. (Co-1934-1935)
Skinner, James M. (Co-1894-1897)
Slade, Marilyn (Cl-1993-2000)
Smith, Abraham J. (Co-1926-1931)
Smith, Carl A. (Co-1941-1950)
Smith, Charles S. (Co-1909-1912)
Smith, Delmar R. (Co-1965-1968)
Smith, Geneva (Co-2002-2005)
Smith, Hiram H. (M-1859)
Smith, Jay M. (Co-1904-1907)
Smith, Leo J. (Co-1927-1942)
Smith, Wm. R. C. (Co-1940-1947)
Snyder, Orla B. (Co-1940-1947)
Spangler, George L. (Cl-1887)
Sparrow, Edward W. (Co-1882-1885)
Springsteen, Jerry (Co-1935-1938)
Stabler, John C. (Co-1953-1956)
Stafford, James G. (Cl-1860)
Starkweather, Orlando R. (Co-1938-1944)
Stevenson, Isaac N. (Co-1927-1928)
Stewart, James L. (Co-1881-1882)
Stoppel, Arthur E. (Co-1936-1944, M-1941)
Swope, Chris (Cl-2006-2013)
Templeton, Max A. (Co-1921-1933, M-1933-1940)
Ten Eyck, James B. (Cl-1863)
Thayer, Adelbert (Co-1870)
Thayer, Charles (Co-1860)
Thoman, Frank H. (Co-1929-1932)
Thoman, Fred (Co-1890-1891)*
Thoman, Frederick (Co-1878-1879)*
Thomas, Harris E. (Co-1905-1906)
Thrift, T. Burr (Co-1874)
Tillotson, Erastus A. (Co-1877-1878)
Tooker, John S. (M-1872-1873, 1876)
Tooker, Leon J. (Co-1911-1912)
Towle, Arlen H. (Co-1910-1911)
Toy, Thomas (Co-1934-1939)
Trager, Wm. E. (Co-1920-1924)*
Trager, William E. (Co-1927-1932)*
Tripp, Frederick E. (Co-1953)
Troyer, Laird J. (Co-1924-26, M-1927-1930)
Turner, Amos (Co-1873-1875)
Turner, Charles M. (Co-1899-1900)
Turner, James M. (M-1889, 1895)
Urquhart, James A. (Co-1892-1897)
Van Aken, Benjamin (Co-1866-1867)
Van Buren, William (Co-1877-1878, M-1879-1880)
Van Halteren, Cornelius J. (Co-1907-1910)
Van Keuran, Jeremiah (Co-1865-1866)
VanDervoort, Frank S. (Co-1923-1929)
Wall, R. F. “Stud” (Co-1949-1954)
Waller, John C. (Co-1890-1891)
Walters, William C. (Co-1914, 1916-1919)
Ward, Ernest H. (Co-1918-1919)
Ward, Milo W. (Co-1951-1954)
Ward, Ulysses D. (Co-1880-1881, 1888-1889)
Warner, Joseph E. (Cl-1862, M-1878, Co-1886-1887, 1891-1892)
Washington, Jody (Co-2012-2013)
Watkins. John T. (Co-1915)
Watley, Samuel H. (Co-1921-1922)
Westcott, Thomas W. (Co-1875-1878)
White, Edward N. (Co-1880-1882)
Whitehead, Alvan H. (Co-1882-1883)
Whitman, John J. (Co-1860)
Whitney, Edwin H. (Co-1865-1866, 1872-1873)
Wiegandt, Ralph M. (Co-1945-1947)
Wilbur, Alroy A. (Co-1888-1893, M-1894, Co-1904-1905)
Wilkins, A. E. (Co-1908-1909)
Williams, Adolphus W. (Co-1864-1865)
Williams, Randy (Co-2003-2007)
Williams, Silas N. (Co-1864-1866)
Wise, Alfred (Co-1874-1877, 1880-1881)
Wood, Carol (Co-2000-2013)
Wood, Eugene B. (Cl-1871-1872)
Woodhouse, William (Co-1861)
Worthington, Sidney I. (Co-1980-1990)
Wortz, Gaylord (Co-1948)
Wright, Solomon W. (Co-1862-1865, M-1870)
Yorko, Jessica (Co-2010-2013)
Young, Frank L. (Co-1913-1916)
Ziegler, Gottlieb (Co-1898-1899)
Ziegler, Otto (Co-1908-1911)
[416 names].

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