Timothy Bowman
Lansing, Michigan

Bio: I have lived in Lansing, Michigan all my life.

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5 responses to “About

  1. Nathaniel Bowman
    9 FEB 1608
    England, Staffordshire, Leek
    Historical Event
    Apr-Jun 1630
    The Winthrop Fleet
    Passenger Lists
    26 Jan 1682
    MA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge
    Aged: 74 years

    would this be relation to you??

  2. Hi Tim, I’ve seen your posts on various FB groups and I’m also from Lansing. While researching my family one of their addresses listed on the 1910 Census looks like 409 Hall Street which someone translated to Wall Street. The street before on the census is Ash St. which is right behind Rally’s between Cedar & Larch and also Adams St. which is a block north and between Cedar and Center St. I’m assuming Hall or Wall/Well must have been in the vicinity but I haven’t been able to find it on a map. Do you have any idea where it might be or which name it would have actually been? I appreciate any help.

    • Deb, This looks like something the local historian would be better at answering. They have maps and old city directory’s there. Please contact Heidi Butler at butlerh@cadl.org at the downtown CADL Lansing library, used to be called the Lansing Public Library. Good luck. – Timothy

  3. Thanks for your reply Tim. I was in process of writing to Heidi when I decided to do one more search and guess what. A previous blog of yours named “Lansing Street Names – MI” dated Feb 26, 2014 had this on it.
    Wall Street
    (Obsolete) Now named Maple, of which it is a continuation on the east side of river. – Probably named for Wall St. in N.Y.C. (Foster, 3/6/38)
    When I looked at Google maps it is right in between Ash & Adams right in the vicinity so now I know exactly where my grandparents lived in 1910. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help.

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