Street Naming – 1901 article

Copied from The Lansing Journal – MI – December 3, 1901

The Names of Streets

Council Has Finally Passed the Ordinance

Many Names Are Changed

Ald. [Alderman] Hamilton Enjoys the Distinction of Having a Street Named in His Honor

Mayor Hammell called the attention of the common council last evening to the several ordinances before the council which had not been disposed of, and suggested that the ordinance changing the names of several of the streets in the city ought to be taken up at once, as considerable confusion has arisen as to the correct appellation to be given those streets.

On motion of Ald. Shank, the ordinance was taken up in the committee of the whole.

The only change made in the original ordinance was the adoption of the name Hamilton for Michigan street, instead of Madden, as proposed by the committee.

Ald. Dodge suggested the name of Hamilton for Michigan street and several felicitous remarks were handed the senior alderman from the fourth ward with regard to the honor conferred upon him in naming the street.

Following are the changes in street names proposed in the ordinance:

West street. which extends from Michigan avenue to Warner street, shall hereafter be part of and known as Logan street; Oak street, which extends from Grand river south to the Grand Trunk Western railway track, shall hereafter be known as River street; Lewis street, which extends from Genesee street to Saginaw street, to be hereafter known as Bartlett street; Claypool street, which extends from Michigan avenue north to Saginaw street, and Charlotte street, which extends from St. Joseph street to Isaac street, to be known as Butler street; Franklin street shall be changed to Franklin avenue; Linden avenue, which extends from Washington avenue to the western city limits, shall be changed to Mt. Hope avenue; Grover street, which extends from Franklin street to Sheridan street, shall be changed to Cleveland street; Michigan street, which extends from Morris street to Welden avenue, shall be changed to Hamilton street; Charles street, which is an extension of Becker street, is changed to Becker street.

The recommendations of the committee were acquiesced in by the council, the ordinance passed on its third reading and passed by the council.

* Transcribed by Timothy Bowman – March 25, 2014.

the original article:

Street Names-1901-12-03-Lansing, MI


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