Lansing Manufacturers Exhibition at the State Capitol in 1902

Copied from the Lansing Journal – November 13, 1902 – Lansing, Michigan

Every Article Is Made In Lansing
Attractive Exhibit of Lansing Manufacturers Opened to the Public Today
The Whole Is A Great Revelation
List of the Exhibits Which Display to an Admiring Public the Remarkable Extent and Diversity of Lansing’s Industries.

An exhibit different from and surpassing anything ever before attempted in this city, is that of the Lansing manufacturers, which was formally opened to the public this afternoon.
Housed in canvass walls and occupying two blocks in front of the state capitol, the exhibition is a marvel, not only to the visitors in the city but to residents as well.
On account of the limited space available, the displays are necessarily small, yet they give a comprehensive idea of the extent of Lansing industries.
Were the space to be had, each of the firms of E. Bement’s Sons, the Oldsmobile Company and the Lansing Wheelbarrow Works, could easily fill with the display of their products an entire tent the size of either of those on Capitol avenue.
At the head of Michigan avenue, and extending from tent to tent, is a long banner informing all who pass that the articles exhibited are all manufactured in Lansing.
This noon sharings were spread in the passages and final preparations made for the afternoon.
The first display on the left hand side of the southern tent, as the sightseer enters from Michigan avenue, is that of E. Bement’s Sons. A large array of stoves and farm implements are here presented.
Displays of the Beilfuss Motor Company and the Greeleaf Cycle Company are next, the former exhibiting gas engines and the later two automobiles. Next in order are the excellent displays of the Central Implement Company and the Lansing Wheelbarrow Works. The latter show a complete line of wheelbarrows and tricks of various designs.
The Maud S. Windmill and Pump Company occupies the extreme southern end of the line with a large exhibit.
Opposite is the display of the Severance Tank Works, in which a model silo is one of the features. The Capitol Electric Company, W. A. Depue, manufacturer of cigar boxes, and the Michigan Vending Machine Company, are the next three exhibitors.
Northrop, Robertson, Carrier & Co. show a full line of boxed, canned and bottled goods.
The Queen Bee Cigar Company and the Lansing Pure Food Company, with a display of Malt-Ola, are next in order. A display made by the Genesee Fruit Company, manufacturers of cider and vinegar, is next, and is followed by the exhibit of A. Simons, manufacturer of brass and white metal castings.
The attractive display of the Hugh Lyons Company, consisting of mirrors, show cases and wax figures, is one of the best in the tent. Displays by the Harrison Rock Candy Cough Cure, and Dr. E. L. Robertson, manufacturing pharmacist, are the next to be viewed by the visitors.
The Lansing Confectionery Company has an excellent display of candies, next to which is the flour and feed exhibit of F. Thoman & Bro.
The Montgomery Manufacturing Company exhibits a full line of overalls and trousers, while the last display is that of the Lansing Tent & Awning Company, the firm which erected the tent beneath which the exhibition takes place.
In the tent on the northern side of Michigan avenue is first the display of the Kneeland Omega Cream Separator Company, attractive in its designing. Next are exhibits made by the Sullivan Bottling Company, Clipper-Spaulding Company and the Hya-Hya Elixer Remedy Company.
A pretty display is that of the Rikerd Lumber Company, showing to advantage the productions of that concern.
An automobile and carriage display by W. K. Prudden follow, after which is the exhibit of the Auto-Body Company, one of Lansing’s young but prosperous manufacturing companies. The Lansing Brewing Company’s array is followed by an exhibit of the Hildreth Motor & Pump Company and the Lansing Spoke Works, all North Lansing concerns. The Western Tool Company has a neat exhibit, as does also the Michigan Condensed Milk Company. Placards show that during the fiscal year ending July 1, this concern bought 42 3336,303 pounds of milk, paying for that amount $424,815.91.
The Lansing Boiler & Engine Co. has the last display in the tent. Opposite it is the exhibition of James Rock & Bro., dealers in windmills and pumps. A large display of the mechanical department of the M.A.C. is next, after which are exhibitions made by the Oviatt Wagon Co., and the Clark Carriage Company. The Lansing Wagon Works has a large display of heavy vehicles that is very complete. The exhibition of gasoline engines and automobiles made by the Olds companies is one of the best in the tent. The decorations are artistic, which the other attractions are unique.

Transcribed by Timothy Bowman,
March 9, 2014.

the original article:
Manufacturers Exhibits at Capitol-1902-11-13-Lansing, MI

1891 Lansing Wheelbarrow Company advertisement:
Lansing Wheelbarrow Co.-1891 ad-MI


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