Lansing, Michigan History Links

Lansing, Michigan History Links

Here is a collection of some of the links posted on the Historical Society of Greater Lansing (HSGL) facebook page over the last 14 months. Sorta of a Year in Review.

  1. Historical Society of Greater Lansing web page
  2. HSGL blog page
  3. Twitter page of the HSGL
  4. Reed Dewitt Interurban Photograph Collection
  5. Lansing 1897, a special exhibit at the Michigan Historical Museum in 1997-98
  6. History of Silver Bells in the City
  7. Early Lansing Railroad History with Cool Photos
  8. Lansing Police Department Historical web site
  9. J. W. Sexton High School wikipedia page
  10. Lansing Theaters slide show
  11. Michigan Historical Markers in Lansing and Ingham County
  12. Lansing’s Westside – History
  13. History of Lansing’s Fire Department
  14. Baseball in Lansing Timeline
  15. History of Potter Park Zoo
  16. Fenner Nature Center history (Arboretum)
  17. Turner-Dodge House history
  18. Chief Okemos biography page
  19. History of Lansing’s Old Town
  20. Beginning of Lansing – History
  21. Home Movies of the East Lansing/Lansing area from an automobile in the early 1970’s ? – Reel 1
  22. Short history of the first Lansing High School
  23. Home Movies of the East Lansing/Lansing area from an automobile in the early 1970’s ? – Reel 2
  24. Video – The Peanut Shop – In downtown Lansing since 1937
  25. About the R. E. Olds Mansion
  26. WKAR Radio – The Beginning’s to 1920’s
  27. Michigan Women’s Historical Center & Hall of Fame – History
  28. Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame
  29. Automotive History of Lansing signs that are around town
  30. The Hotel Kerns Fire
  31. Cooley Law School – Timeline = Updated from previous link
  32. East Lansing – Brief History
  33. Short history of the Lansing Art Gallery
  34. Video Tour of the Michigan State Capitol building
  35. MSU’s Abrams Planetarium history
  36. DeWitt Community History – Lansing’s northern neighbor
  37. R.E. Olds Transportation Museum – Birth, History & Future
  38. Video history of The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing
  39. Talbert “Ted” Abrams biography
  40. Photos of Parks, Trails, Historic Locations and More in Lansing
  41. Marion Weyant Ruth (Babe Ruth) – Lansing Aviation Pioneer
  42. The Bath School Disaster web page
  43. Photos and a brief description of the Grand Trunk railroad station in Millet, MI
  44. Things Not Here Anymore – Video Online
  45. Gunnisonville, Clinton County history
  46. Video – Things Not Here Anymore 2
  47. Lansing Family History Center in East Lansing
  48. The Christman Company Interactive Timeline
  49. Ingham County Genealogical Society Website
  50. Early Days (1917-1919) of the Michigan State Police = only can see on Facebook
  51. Portraits of early Lansing residents – from The Making of Modern Michigan
  52. Mid-Michigan Genealogical Society
  53. Lansing Township History
  54. A short history on Durant Park
  55. Lansing’s Historic Districts page
  56. Eaton Rapids Area Historical Society
  57. Postcards of Lansing – 7 pages
  58. Short History’s of Lansing’s Three Cemeteries
  59. Several mini-history’s of Potterville
  60. Early history of Alaiedon Township
  61. Michigan Female College in Lansing
  62. Elderly Instruments History
  63. Michigan State – Traditions page
  64. The Michigan Historical Museum – A Brief History
  65. Lansing’s Westside Neighborhood Association
  66. GM 100 years: The history
  67. Historic Lansing Memorandum of 1976 – July 2012 Update = this a PDF download
  68. DNR – Lansing’s Early Days
  69. History of the Sparty Mascot
  70. Lansing 150 Images at wikispaces
  71. A history of our Tree City – Lansing, MI
  72. City of Lansing Planning Division Photograph Collection
  73. Page about the Michigan Theatre in downtown Lansing
  74. Video – A history of the Lansing Theatre District
  75. Video — Under the Radar Michigan – Episode about Lansing
  76. History: Clara’s Lansing Station
  77. Short history of the former Ingham Medical and Lansing General hospitals
  78. Lansing 150 – A Day In History articles blog
  79. MSU’s Morrill Hall history
  80. Flower Power: Lucille Belen and the Politics of Integrity
  81. Lansing 150 Parade photos
  82. Lost Lansing blog posts
  83. Flat, Black & Circular Time-Line
  84. Lansing City Hall’s history
  85. Short history of the Frandor shopping center
  86. The History of WKAR Public Media
  87. History of Hi-Klas, Canada Dry and other beverage companies in Lansing
  88. Brief History of Delta Township
  89. List of Mayors of Lansing, Michigan
  90. A Brief History of Williamston, Michigan
  91. Sketch Artist views of Lansing
  92. CATA – 40th Anniversary page
  93. History of The Arbaugh building
  94. Paramount Coffee history
  95. Video – Magic Johnson 1977 High School championship – at Everett
  96. Very short history of the Quality Dairy stores
  97. The Lansing Branch NAACP history
  98. Michigan Walk of Fame plaques
  99. History of Lake Lansing
  100. Historic photos of J.W. Knapps Building
  101. The History of Webberville, Mich.
  102. Granger company history
  103. Lansing 150 Photograph Collection at CADL
  104. The Department Store Museum: J.W. Knapp Company
  105. Michigan State Police – Timeline Photos = only can see on Facebook
  106.  100 Years of Growth & Development in the Greater Lansing Area = also can only see on Facebook
  107. Greater Lansing Association of Realtors history
  108. History of MSU’s newspaper – The State News

Compiled by Timothy Bowman.




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